Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Security Surveillance System offers a wide range of Burglar Alarm Systems in Denver, Colorado. Our installers will help choose the right system for you.

Our burglar alarm system options typically use sensors to detect threatening activity. Some options are:

Motion Sensors that detect movement in a room are popular burglar alarm systems we install into spaces that intruders would have to pass through to get into your home or business. The best kind of motion detectors not only detect motion, but also heat (PIR: Passive Infrared).

Door and window switches monitor your property’s opening and closing activities. These switches typically use a magnet device attached to the frame and door / window. When the door or window moves away from the magnet, the sensor triggers the alarm control panel to alert you to a possible burglary attempt.

Glass Break Detectors are typically paired with additional burglar alarm precautions. These detectors are sensors designed to interpret the sound of breaking glass that may indicated a robbery. When the Glass Break Detector acknowledges the sound pattern caused by shattering glass, it will trigger the alarm.

Shock Sensors that can detect vibrations that an intruder using force to pound through a wall, roof or other area of the structure may make. Like with the Glass Break Detector, Shock Sensors should be paired with additional burglar alarm system technology.

Keypads allow you to manually arm your burglar alarm system by using a numerical code. Keypads are commonly installed near an entrance door for easy access. We recommend programming your system with a panic or duress code for emergency situations where you need to alert authorities to come by your property.

Panic Buttons are programmed to your alarm system – so with just one push of a button, authorities can be alerted and help can be on the way. These devices can be worn on your person or located at convenient parts of your home / business.

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