Security Challenges & Solutions That State Licensed Marijuana Growers Face

Medical marijuana is a cash crop that’s very expensive to grow and produce. State licensed marijuana growers face many security challenges ranging from meeting state government regulations, to protecting your crops and preventing theft. As a state licensed marijuana grower, you are required to have 24/7 video surveillance at your facilities with a complete video security system. We offer a wide range of high-quality, reliable video security systems, security cameras and hidden cameras that are engineered to withstand the demands of around-the-clock surveillance.

What is an IP Camera System, and why is it better?

Smiley faceView your world like never before in Full HD 1080p viewing and real time recording (30FPS), adding a whole new dimension to your monitoring and awareness with High Definition peace of mind! If you’re thinking of switching from analog to IP video, or are investing in a new video surveillance system for the first time, it’s important to know what IP video (or HD video) provides, and what the superior difference is from a standard (or analog) video surveillance system.

How Plant Security Systems Save the Industry Millions

Although Colorado seemingly offers a comparatively safe environment in which to operate a business, property crimes obviously do occur here. For example, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, nearly 25,000 burglaries took place in 2013. These offenses exact tolls in the industrial plant sector, but we can show you 2 primary ways in which security systems for small business manufacturing plants and large plants alike save the industry money.


Smiley faceWith Colorado burglary rates consistently declining during the past 8 years, some people may conclude that security systems are becoming decreasingly important. However, these statistics may just help illustrate the excellent return on investment these products provide.

For example, studies indicate that homes and businesses with no security system are 300% more likely to experience a break-in, due to the understandable eagerness on the part of criminals to enter premises with no alarm. A recent decrease in these types of crimes can likely be attributed to an increase in security, including plant security systems.

Lower probability of criminal attention to your plant means less likelihood of theft. Furthermore, it means less chance of expensive property damage. With approximately 50% of Colorado burglaries involving forced entry, the break-in itself can be costly, even in the absence of actual theft.

More importantly, burglaries can result in violent physical crime, the costs of which are astronomical. One estimate of medical and mental health expenses caused by all crimes in the United States suggests that they exceed $18 billion.


Smiley faceIf a theft or other crime is committed at your plant, having security footage increases the chances of quick apprehension and successful prosecution of the perpetrator. A criminal conviction will then require that the guilty party make financial restitution for any damages.

Because your plant is private property, you must take the responsibility to monitor it. Fortunately, police forces are increasingly eager to partner with business owners who use surveillance cameras. By allowing you to pool resources with law enforcement, these cameras, as well as other security products, increase the possibility of crime avoidance and clearance.

Protecting Your Assets at Home and Work

There is no need for us to remind you of the importance of protecting your assets. Wherever you live, work, sleep, and play, important possessions and pieces of your identity are left behind. In particular, your family and pets at home need to be protected from crime. Whether or not you are constantly aware of the dangers facing your assets every day, you need to take the appropriate steps to protect them now. Like good insurance, good security is a current investment to protect you against a future disaster.
Here are the most important ways we believe that you can protect your assets:

5 Features the Best Surveillance Systems Have in Common

It’s important to outpace criminals, especially when it comes to technology. Surveillance systems are an important part of keeping one’s home or business from falling victim to people with bad intentions. With cameras in place, individuals stand a greater chance of catching criminals in the act or preventing crime altogether.

Anyone shopping for a video security system needs to be aware of the specific features offered by various surveillance cameras. Each security system will boast a range of different attributes, including high video resolution or the ability to capture images in the dark, and it’s important to choose the particular system that will work best for your unique needs.

Home Security and Homeowners Insurance

As if there were not enough reasons to install a home security surveillance system, you can also take the plunge simply for the financial benefits. Since many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for homeowners to have a home security surveillance system in place, you could actually come close to breaking even on the deal, depending on where you live, how much your homeowners insurance premiums cost, and whether or not your insurance company offers these discounts. Surveillance equipment can keep more than your property safe – for some homeowners, it can also mean major savings. Installing a security camera system may help you save money on homeowners insurance. Some of the most popular insurance providers in the United States offer this benefit, and using the information below, homeowners can decide whether or not investing in security cameras will also benefit their insurance-related finances.

How CCTV Can Help You

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an asset at any home or business. At Security Surveillance Systems, we understand that you live a busy life and cannot always be there in person to make sure everything is running smoothly. CCTV lets you monitor your property remotely from your computer or another connected device, and it is one of the best ways to keep your building safe. Here are the top 3 benefits of installing a CCTV system in and around your building.

Mobile & Remote Access Video Surveillance Camera Systems


Do you want to feel confident when you leave your home and or business that everything is safe and secure?  Would you like to be able to just log in at anytime, from anywhere and be able to see that everything is exactly the way it should be? We have your solution!  With a remote access surveillance system installed you could check in on your home, office, children, elderly or sick loved ones, or even if you just have pets you would like to be able to look in on periodically, this could be your answer.

Why Every Business Needs an Integrated Security System

Taking care of a business is delicate work. There are numerous responsibilities required to work in and manage your business well. Imagine, though, if the already difficult work of maintaining a business, especially a small business, is being challenged at every turn, with individuals threatening your success in every possible way they can.

This is not imaginary; this is true crime. Criminals will do anything they can to disrupt your business’ health and success, sometimes even damaging your workplace’s reputation.