Commercial Security & Alarm Systems in Denver, CO

Security Surveillance Systems is a Premiere Commercial Security Installer in Denver

As the manager of a commercial building, you have a lot on your plate. By having one of our fine commercial security systems installed by Security Surveillance Systems, you’ll have one less thing to worry about – the safety of the people and things inside your building.

Our Equipment

Designed for your protection, our wide array of security products and accessories are well suited for any commercial building. No matter what commercial security system your business needs, we have the equipment for the job.

We offer a wide range of cameras, recorders, and accessories that will fit the needs of any business owner, including;

  • DVRs
  • Brick cameras
  • Microphones
  • Infrared dome cameras
  • Vandal-proof dome cameras
  • IR illuminators
  • Video amplifiers
  • And more

Just the mere presence of some of this equipment is enough to deter a potential intruder. Surprisingly, by installing a security system, you may prevent yourself from ever needing it. Keep your commercial building safeguarded, and secure from the outside, with a commercial security system from Security Surveillance Systems.


Security Surveillance System is Denver’s Commercial Security Installer of Choice

When you choose Security Surveillance System as your commercial security installer, we give the control to you. You’ll have access to every component of your security system. This way, you can avoid paying costly fees associated with large monitoring companies! You’ll be free to run your security system the way you want, when you have us install your system.

Customized Surveillance Systems for Denver Businesses

No commercial building is exactly like another, which is why we offer a variety of surveillance systems. Our experts will work closely with you and help you design and select the right security system for your needs.

Rest assured that your commercial building is properly secured and monitored. With a high quality, properly installed commercial security system from Security Surveillance Systems.

Small Business

Regardless of its size, every small business faces the same theft risk. With a smaller operation, reliance on a security system will give every owner peace of mind knowing their organization is being protected 24/7 by our modern technology.


A big risk every retail business owner faces is merchandise being stolen, whether it’s by a customer or even an employee. A strategic placement of a CCTV security camera can greatly reduce your losses and create a safer atmosphere in the store.

Corporate Enterprise

The larger a corporation gets, the harder it becomes to keep it secure. Large corporations face an interesting security challenge due to their size; more business space and a higher number of employees equal a greater need for security.