Commercial Security Services in Denver, CO

Providing Denver’s Businesses with Commercial Alarm Systems

A thief breaks into your business, a shoplifter pockets an item, somebody vandalizes your building—these are common situations you hope you won’t have to face as a business owner; but, unfortunately, there’s always a risk. However, with our advanced technology in surveillance systems, there’s no reason these events should affect your business. A commercial security system is the best way to protect your Denver business against financial or property losses, which makes it a necessity, not a luxury. All it takes is one incident to completely derail your business financially, regardless of where your company is in terms of size, growth, and influence. A commercial alarm system for your Denver business is an investment and should always have high priority.

A Wide Range of Commercial Security Systems in Denver

We offer a wide range of commercial security systems for any Denver business owner. Our state-of-the-art equipment is specifically designed to keep you protected:

  • DVRs
  • Brick cameras
  • Microphones
  • Infrared dome cameras
  • Vandal-proof dome cameras
  • IR illuminators
  • Video amplifiers
  • And more

Commercial Alarm Systems for all Denver Businesses

Regardless of your specific type of business, we can give you constant protection with our surveillance systems.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are constantly targeted for burglary and theft, making a business security system a shop essential. Even simply the presence of security cameras on the outside of a building can deter potential robbers. Not only will it protect your profits, it will also protect both the employees and customers. By installing a security system, you may be able to prevent a scenario that would require you to use it.

Small Business

Regardless of its size, every small business faces the same theft risk. Small businesses are much more effected by a break in than a large corporation. With a smaller operation, reliance on a security system will give every owner peace of mind knowing their organization is being protected 24/7 by our modern technology.


A big risk every retail business owner faces is merchandise being stolen, whether it’s by a customer or even an employee. A strategic placement of a CCTV security camera can greatly reduce your losses and create a safer atmosphere in the store.

Corporate Enterprise

The larger a corporation gets, the harder it becomes to keep it secure. Large corporations face an interesting security challenge due to their size; more business space and a higher number of employees equal a greater need for security.


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