Analog Camera

Security Surveillance System offers a wide range of analog cameras in Denver, Colorado.

An analog camera, unlike a digital camera, is one that needs to be connected to a digital video recorder (“DVR”) to store data.

Analog refers to devices in which measurable output quantities, such as voltage or pressure, represent input data. The term “analog” in video refers to a recording method that stores red, green and blue waves in a fixed number of rows. A conventional surveillance camera without USB or Ethernet connectivity, an analog surveillance camera typically outputs analog composite video signals over coaxial cable. With modification, an analog camera can shoot digital video.

Resolution and TVL (TV Lines) are on an analog camera. Basically, the higher the TVL, the higher the resolution and clearer the picture. The lens on an analog camera is fixed or varifocal (meaning the lens can be adjusted). Typically, the lower the “mm” number, the wider the view of angle will be, while the higher the number the closer the view will appear to be (zoomed in).

To note, both an IP Camera and Analog Camera can come with IR technology … meaning they have night-vision ability. The important thing to keep in mind is that different camera can have a different amount of IR lights installed, and can range in different sizes. The more powerful the IR, the further the camera can see at night.

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