Audio & Intercom

Security Surveillance System (SSS)

We are an official dealer and installer of Legrand, which creates innovative product lines such as the On-Q product line. This line includes intercom, camera, audio, and lighting control systems designed to seamlessly integrate into any decor. You can enjoy these products individually or link them together through the Unity Home System.

The Unity Home System is your central command center for your entire house.

Through this system you can:

  • Monitor your entire home through cameras
  • Speak to whomever you’d like through the intercom system
  • Turn on the lights or play music in any or every room
  • Adjust the temperature of any room from any room

Do all of this remotely as well through a computer or smart phone

These systems are perfect for houses, as well as doctors offices, law practices, and other professional businesses where safety is of paramount importance.

Please contact us to see how this solution might work for your unique situation.