Fire Alarm System & Installation in Denver, CO

Fire Alarm Installation Denver can Count on

Security Surveillance System offers Fire Alarm Systems in Denver Metro, Colorado. Our installers will help choose the right system for you. Our fire alarm system options are customizable for your needs. You can pick the zones and the system that is right for you – in this case we suggest that more is more. Smoke & Fire Detectors are the most common fire alarm system. These detectors are placed up high on ceilings or walls. They have either an ionization or photoelectric technology.

There is also a projected beam unit that uses a light transmitter and a receiver to detect smoke that occurs from smoldering (the start of a fire), which is typically used in large spaces such as warehouses and showrooms. As smoke obstructs the light beam, the receiver interprets this and the alarm is triggered. Another smoke and fire alarm detector is the air aspirating system … a newer technology that constantly circulates air, takes samples and analyzes it. If smoke is discovered in the sample, the alarm goes off. Air aspirating detectors are extremely sensitive and are among the fastest detection methods.

Avoid a tragedy. The loss of life or possessions in a fire is a terrible event that no one should have to go through. With a fire alarm installation for your Denver home, you can potentially avoid an accident that could be very difficult to recover from.

Reliable Fire Alarm Systems in Denver

Denver fire alarm systems come with voice alerts, lights, and alarm sounds. Some common alarm sounds are bells, chimes, and horns. Other output functions include shutting down electrical equipment, shutting off fans (this prevents smoke migration), and turning on smoke extractor fans to get rid of smoke, which is a common function in expansive spaces. These systems can also activate fire extinguishing gases and sprinkler systems depending on how they are wired.

Sprinklers are a great system addition to have to your fire alarm system. Sprinklers will detect the fire’s heat, initiate alarm, and begin suppression within moments after flames appear. In most instances sprinklers will control fire advancement within a few minutes of their activation, which will in turn result in significantly less damage, heat, and smoke than otherwise would happen without sprinklers.

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