How CCTV Can Help You


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an asset at any home or business. At Security Surveillance Systems, we understand that you live a busy life and cannot always be there in person to make sure everything is running smoothly. CCTV lets you monitor your property remotely from your computer or another connected device, and it is one of the best ways to keep your building safe. Here are the top 3 benefits of installing a CCTV system in and around your building.

Prevent Crime

Smiley faceThe biggest reason most people choose to install a CCTV system is to prevent crime. Criminals who see cameras are much less likely to try to steal from you or vandalize your property. Have your cameras installed prominently so everyone who comes to your door knows that your building is protected.

Respond Immediately to Crime

Smiley faceIf criminals do choose to strike your building, CCTV allows your security company to respond immediately. If an intruder is detected, for example, your security system will notify your security company, who can call the police right away. This way, even if you are not personally watching your building all the time, it will still be under the watchful eye of someone 24 hours a day.

Monitor Your Employees

Smiley faceNo one likes to think that their employees are less than honest, but the sad truth is that employee theft is a real risk of doing business. A study by reported that employee theft in the United States adds up to about $18 billion per year. However, if your employees know that they are being monitored by CCTV, they will be much less likely to risk stealing from the company.

CCTV also gives you the opportunity to watch your employees as they work to make sure they are living up to your standards. You will be able to give more effective feedback to your team if you know exactly what happens when you’re not there. Cameras also cut down on the amount of time employees spend slacking off, boosting your company’s productivity.

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