Commercial Protection & Security Systems in Clearwater, FL: Business Security & Surveillance Systems

Security Surveillance System provides the best protection with security systems for commercial clients in Clearwater. We have done installations for all business sizes, from small retail shops to sprawling multi-unit commercial complexes. Whatever your needs are, we can find a solution that may fit your budget. Unlike other companies, we also specialize in commercial CCTV security camera protection. With one of our commercial CCTV systems, you can have confidence that your Clearwater property is being diligently monitored.

High Tech Commercial CCTV Systems in Clearwater

With top of the line components, our security cameras give protection to commercial locations all over the Clearwater region. With a wide collection of standard, motorized, and infrared cameras, our technicians will create a solution for your security needs that can give you confidence. Cameras may also be installed discretely, not to disrupt your clientele or intrude on the visual design of your business.

Excellent Security Control Rooms for Businesses

If your property spans a big area, you need a control room your security team can operate from. Through coordinated integration, commercial protection security systems and cameras can all be managed and monitored from one central location, enabling you to act quickly and efficiently. By streamlining operations, your Clearwater security team can do their job more effectively, ensuring the protection of your business.

Top Quality Security Systems for Commercial Protection

Theft and vandalism are a serious concern for Clearwater business owners. Give your company the protection it deserves with a security system from Security Surveillance System. With advanced motion and entry detection sensors, intruders can be caught in the act, and the alarm sounded. Between threat detection and commercial security cameras, protection of your property will end up being rigorously maintained. Our technicians are expert installers, so the integration of a security system to your business can be completed quickly, minimizing disruption.

Keeping Clearwater, FL Safe With State of the Art Security

Security Surveillance System is one of the most respected and fastest growing companies in the security systems and surveillance camera industry. Based in Aurora, Colorado, we are an experienced security systems business, capable of creating a more secure environment at your Clearwater, FL home or business.

Founded in 2006 on the simple principle that everyone deserves to feel safe and protected, we have been utilizing the best technology in the industry to help make Clearwater, FL commercial and residential spaces safer. For more information reach out to our team, we have the experience and resources to design and install the perfect security solution for you!

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