Residential Security Systems in Florida & Colorado: Home Security, Video Surveillance, Burglar Alarm & Access Control Installation

Give your family the protection they deserve with the installation of a home security system from Security Surveillance System. Stop a burglary before it starts with door and window sensors that will sound the alarm at the first sign of intrusion. You can also keep an eye on your property remotely with a home security camera installation. Our systems can also be equipped with a wide variety of additional protections for your home, including smoke detectors and fire suppression systems.

A Colorado & Florida Company That Knows How to Install Home Security Cameras

Most home robberies happen while residents are out of the home. Even when you're away, you can protect your possessions by installing a home security camera system. With remote access, no matter where you are, you can check on the safety of your property, whether it’s in Colorado, Florida, or another state. The presence of cameras themselves is often enough to deter a would-be criminal from approaching your home, protecting you from break-ins, package theft, and vandalism.

Protect Your Home with Intruder Alarms

When an intruder tries to break into your home, make sure you're prepared with the installation of a residential security system. Our systems include not just open window and door detection, but also have glass break detectors and motion sensors to provide an extra layer of security. At Security Surveillance System, we work with top of the line manufacturers of security components so that our customers can rely on their operation for many years.

Residential Security System Installation Professionals

Home security system installation in either Colorado or Florida can be challenging, with wiring needing to be run through walls, cameras, and sensors needing to be installed discretely. You don't want an inexperienced technician putting holes in your wall and dragging out the installation of your residential security system. When you call Security Surveillance System, you know you will be getting professional installers who know how to take care of your home.

Keeping Denver, CO Safe With State of the Art Security

Security Surveillance System is one of the most respected and fastest growing companies in the security systems and surveillance camera industry. Based in Aurora, Colorado, we are an experienced security systems business, capable of creating a more secure environment at your Denver, CO home or business.

Founded in 2006 on the simple principle that everyone deserves to feel safe and protected, we have been utilizing the best technology in the industry to help make Denver, CO commercial and residential spaces safer. For more information reach out to our team, we have the experience and resources to design and install the perfect security solution for you!

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