Why Businesses Should Consider Upgrading To A Burglar Alarm System


Security systems not only reduce the risk of theft but also work efficiently to notify the authorities in no time. With upgraded burglar alarm systems businesses can keep their assets safe during off-business hours when they or their employees are away from the business.

Installing an alarm system is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect business property from criminals. It provides a benefit from having an alarm system and a sense of security. Business alarm systems are relatively larger, more powerful, and offer greater functionality compared to home or residential systems. If you’re thinking about adding a burglar alarm system to your business to increase safety, check out our blog section for more details. Let’s have a look at some of the strong reasons why businesses should consider upgrading their burglar alarm system.

  1. Helps Protect Your Employees

The main purpose of any alarm system is to keep your people, business property, and everyone and everything inside safe. For any company, employees are the greatest resource, so it’s important to make them feel safe and secure while working, especially if you have a late-night shift at your office.

With an upgraded business alarm system, employees can perform their duties without fear of break-ins. Adding alarm buttons that can be activated manually will also give your employees additional peace of mind. The faster the response time for alarms, the more likely they remain safe.

  1. Reduced Risk of Theft

A business's physical assets are another valuable asset to your business. Unfortunately, this also means they could be a great risk and a valuable resource to someone else as well. With our upgraded burglar alarm system you can now protect your inventory from the three main types of thieves: criminals, employees, and customers. We implement motion and shock sensors to determine if the business or commercial property has been breached, and we have a responsive team to cater to all your needs.

With an installed alarm system, one can alert the authorities quickly in the event of a break-in, where they can deter crimes before they even happen. Having an alarm system installed is one of the most effective ways to prevent burglars from entering your building and stealing your property.

  1. Secured or Restricted Access

In a commercial property, not everyone should have access to every place. This includes access to areas that can be the main office, safe, storerooms, manufacturing floor, a distribution unit, or any other rooms with sensitive information or equipment. This way as a business owner you can allow some of your employees or staff or visitors with restricted access or specific entrances or exits to the building.

A business alarm system can be used as a form of access control; where one can arm-specific areas to restrict access only to authorized personnel. If someone does enter a restricted area without permission, the alarm will sound, and authorized staff will be able to respond accordingly.

  1. Monitor Ongoing Environmental Changes

Monitor any ongoing changes, whether it is inventory or equipment, some businesses use items that are sensitive to changes in temperature or moisture. Many business alarm systems can be integrated with sensors that keep an eye on any environmental changes that could hurt your business.

In addition to environmental changes, many systems can also be integrated with your fire or carbon monoxide detection devices. If something is triggered, the alarm will send an alert to the proper authorities so they can respond efficiently. Always keep a watchful eye over the property even when you’re not in the office.

  1. Save Money on Business Insurance

Not only will a business alarm system save money by preventing theft and vandalism, but it can also save you money on business insurance. Most insurers will reduce your annual fees when you install an alarm system because your business becomes less of a risk.


  1. Peace of Mind

A business alarm system allows an additional peace of mind that you’ll have to know that your property is protected from theft and environmental damage. So if you never have used an alarm system, just knowing that you have and there is someone keeping you safe can help you and your employees relax in a safe, secure environment.

Installing a business alarm system can be a tough decision. With so many options, how to identify the one with relevant features that cater to your business needs? do you know which one is right for your unique needs? At Security Surveillance System, we have years of experience working with commercial businesses in Colorado and Florida.

How To Keep Your Store And Customers Safe


Safety and security are a priority for businesses all year round, but businesses should pay even closer attention to these matters during busy seasons like sales, and holidays to keep their customers safe.

Any business owner understands how important it is to ensure the safety of customers and employees. From the employee perspective, it means creating, establishing and following safety rules and policies and sharing guidelines shared by Colorado local regulatory agencies to minimize any risk of workplace accidents. 

So what are the things to keep your customer safe from? This includes adequate protection against any threat of crime at your store or retail outlet, a robbery attempt or gun violence. Here are a few ways to keep both customers and workers safe and we recommend business owners consider them. 

1. Install an in-store Security System

Theft and robbery attempts are a primary concern for retail store owners in Colorado. We recommend installing our bullet cameras outside of your building and retail store that allow you to see views outside from your parking lot and street.

This means that while security is still a concern, it is also in high demand to keep businesses and their customers safe. In-store security can improve efficiency and increase customers' trust to shop at your store. It also helps prevent threats and any harm.

2. Here are some possible in-store security measures that include:

3. Use security solutions to reduce safety risks and keep customers safe. 

Retail surveillance security systems help control the number of customers allowed at your store, office, or building. With CCTV cameras and sensors, businesses are empowered to manage and maintain their security through means like infrared technology and DVR. DVR installed in your commercial property is important to catch wrongdoers. It helps detect any theft or vandalism, helps you to review the footage and provide you with valuable evidence to help you seek justice and keep customer safety as a priority.

Focus on Installing Burglar Alarm

The rising number of security cases in Colorado is a major concern for businesses. Today, we see the growth of online shopping among customers. But how to bring those customers to your store with increased crime rates? You can install a burglar alarm and improve towards an advanced level of security to stay safe and keep your customers safe. According to a survey, security solutions like burglar alarms help industries like retail stay safe.


In-store security systems and solutions like video surveillance, access control and burglar alarm can guarantee the security of your business. However, many business owners do not understand the advantages presented by security surveillance experts. With our advanced solution, industry experts help you go through each aspect in detail to make your life a little easier. 

Partner with our security professionals for tailor-made solutions specific to your needs and ensure safety for your customers and your business.

Contact us today.

How To Choose The Best Access Control System

Why to Choose Access Control

Choosing an Access Control system for your business is a big investment to make and an essential one, as it protects your employees and assets. Access Control often acts as your first line of defense in dangerous situations by securing the entrances to your property and preventing unauthorized individuals from entry. Its key safety feature is to give people peace of mind at their workplace, business, and academic campuses.

Choosing the Best Access Control System

Are you looking to get Access Control for your business in Colorado? Are you looking for Access Control because you heard someone installed it at their office and it has improved the safety of their employees and assets and streamlined their security measures? If you are in the market for Access Control, make sure you understand your needs, including the number of entryways required for security, the number of people who will have access, basic requirements for entry, and the frequency of rekeying your building.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right Access Control system for your business:

  • Budget
  • Organization/Company size
  • Number of people who will have access to your entry points
  • Number of features you require (remote access, keycard access, Bluetooth access, and more)
  • Solutions you are looking for, including privacy, keeping track of who entered where/when, rekeying for security, etc.
  • Ease of use

Why SSS?

With Security Surveillance System, you can get access to our real-time Access Control system. It is purpose-built to provide businesses like yours with complete visibility and security for employees, and our dual door installation keeps an eye on any external party that has any access to the company’s building.


At SSS we help you streamline access control processes while ensuring your business remains completely safe. We know the potential loss when access controls are not correctly implemented or maintained, therefore we are available for support 24/7.


Contact us to request a free demo. We will review your current setup, implement new access controls, and answer any additional questions you may have about keeping your building and employees secure.

Want to know more about us? Read more about what our clients have to say about our services.


6 Reasons to Choose Security Surveillance System for Commercial Protection System?


Security Surveillance System is a leading security solution provider for clients in Colorado and Florida. We understand the need for safety and therefore we provide solutions for all business sizes.

Our solutions are designed for small retail shops to multi-unit commercial complexes. Our expert team of technicians and security consultants bring solutions for businesses in Colorado.

Many business owners often ask if their business can afford a commercial security system. We solve their problem by offering security at affordable prices that fit your budget. We offer various security solutions for commercial businesses. Our solution includes commercial CCTV and security camera protection. We want you to know that your property is diligently monitored 24x7 through our well-equipped technology.

Why Choose us your Partner for Commercial Protection System?

Here are 6 reasons why to choose us as your partner for Commercial Protection System.

1.    High Tech Commercial CCTV System

Security Surveillance System offers high-tech security devices for commercial businesses operating on a small or large scale. We provide the latest technological products and services to improve the security experience for your commercial property. 

2.    Great Feature and Quality 

With our commercial CCTV systems, a wide selection of standard cameras, and motorized cameras you can have confidence that your business is diligently monitored. With a 20% increase in property crime between 2019 and 2021, businesses require great features to monitor their property and keep their people, consumers and community safe.

3.    Trusted by Top Businesses in Colorado

We have served over 2600+ clients in Colorado and Florida. Our top-line components give protection to commercial business owners in Colorado and Florida. We develop affordable and tailor-made plans that protect you, your assets and your employees. For us, your safety matters.

4.    Excellent Security Control Rooms

If your property spans over a large area and you require a control room to manage security. We have got you covered through our coordinated integration services. Our commercial protection security system can be managed from one central location that lets you act efficiently at all times.

5.    Budget-Friendly Solutions

We offer budget-friendly solutions for all types of businesses. Compared with our other competitors, we know how safety is a need and we make sure it is accessible by all businesses. If budget is your problem, worry not.

Have a business in Colorado? Give us a call to know more about our features.

6.    Top-Notch Customer Service

At Security Surveillance System, we work and live for our clients. We provide them with 24x7 customer service and you will always find us on our toes. We deal with all the knowns and the unknowns so that you can run your business without having to worry about security.

We go beyond our limits for all our clients.

Want to know more about our features, email us at [email protected] or call us at (720) 535-5803 to get a free quote for your commercial business.

Why Home Protection & Security System is Critical for your home?



Security systems are one of the most effective ways to protect you, your home and your dear ones. According to Federal Crime Reporting Statistics, homes without any security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. On average over 1 million burglaries occur in the USA every year.

Keeping your family and your valuables safe is a top priority for all businesses and homeowners. With our protection plan, homeowners in Colorado and Florida are safe by installing our home CCTV, advanced entry detection, and fire suppression to provide an added layer of defence.

Security Surveillance System provides you security at affordable prices, ensures that your system is covered and well maintained. It gives you only access to your system and adds security for your ease.

Here’s what you get by installing our home security systems:

  1. Peace of Mind
    Our home security system gives you the peace of mind you deserve. We know how hectic it gets so we take care of your security needs. 
  1. Hassle-Free Replacements
    With most people, replacements are a hassle. But not anymore. We offer hassle-free repairs, replacements and on-call support to make your life a little easier.
  1. 24x7 Support of Tech Experts
    Businesses which respond timely to their customers are more likely to have higher customer retention according to Harvard. Turning angry customers into loyal ones leads to increased business revenues and higher profits.
  1. Digital Security Services
    Avoid any risk related to security without digital security. We ensure your home is safe for you and your family. That’s what matters to us.

Contact us as your trusted security partner. Let’s protect your home today.

5 tips for an effective video surveillance security for businesses


Security cameras and integrated video surveillance systems were once rarely seen at a few places including banks, supermarkets and shopping malls. Today, in a fast paced world it is one of the leading enterprise solutions for small and medium businesses in Colorado and Florida. Adding financial and operational benefits, it is now widely used by businesses in Colorado.

Security Surveillance System has installed over 2500+ surveillance security cameras for businesses in the state of Colorado and Florida particularly in Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Our security surveillance acts as a proactive way for businesses to perform safely and with an added feature with cctv it helps increase protection. 

Here are 5 tips for effective video surveillance security for businesses.

  • Install Cameras on All Important Places

When installing a video security surveillance we ensure that you cover all the important places of your location as a top priority. This means that your video surveillance must cover all entrances and exits, all the crowded areas, back alleys and rear entrances. This should also include all the emergency exits or alternate exits to cover all the important areas. 

  • Monitor Daily Operations 

Effective video surveillance security is crucial for all businesses working on a smaller or larger scale. Installing a video surveillance system in the operations department to monitor daily operations helps you stay vigilant and keep your site and important documents protected. 

  • Install Cameras in Storage Rooms and Warehouses 

Video surveillance and CCTV systems are a must to install for businesses having storage rooms or warehouses where stock is kept in large quantities. It keeps your assets in the form of stock safe and lets you stay aware of every ongoing activity taking place.

  • Opt for Hidden and Visible Surveillance Equipment

For businesses operating at a larger scale it is ideal to choose a hidden and visible surveillance system. A visible camera acts as a deterrent to burglars while hidden security cameras are more likely to record any attempted break-ins. They are important to monitor all activities. 

  • Keep Equipments Well Maintained

Video surveillance equipment should be well maintained and looked after to increase its life and help you for a long period of time. To maintain your equipment ensure that your cameras are protected against any weather conditions including rain, and snowfall. Security cameras must also be properly cleaned and protected to make it work well.

 Video surveillance systems are the key aspect for businesses and to keep your business safe, you can maintain and keep the equipment protected as it serves as a great way to protect one business in different but fruitful ways.



Access control system for Small Businesses


Security is a major concern for all businesses. Working for a business whether small or a large entity managing access for your team gives you a sense of security.

Access control systems are crucial for all businesses operating with classified and personal information and businesses operating within cloud and hybrid cloud environments where they manage data, apps, web servers in a cloud. For businesses in Colorado, covid-19 has caused a significant increase in crime rates and violence among other states in the USA. This has led to a greater need for an access control system for small businesses to manage and maintain smooth operations.

Security Surveillance System works with small and large scale businesses in Colorado and Florida. Our access control systems completely transform your personal security. They are designed with advanced technology and can be applied to multiple points of entry throughout your residence and business. Our technological features allow you to keep your personal belongings safe, and create a culture of trust and security among family members and employees. Our partnership with our technical teams lets us install and deliver you a high quality system.

With our updated and advance technology we provide security to schools, industries, businesses and offices in Colorado and Florida

Along with providing safety and security, an access control system is a great way to save time and cost of operating a business. With regular swipe cards, tags and manual operating systems it takes a lot of time and comes with a higher cost but with our latest technology it is now affordable by all business and facility owners.

So if you’re a small business owner or working in a cloud domain where data is the key and security is a major concern, our access control system is what you need to remain free from all worries.

Let us install an access control system, and make your business operations easier with our highly responsive control system and quality services.


Call us now at 7205355803 and secure your business today.

Different Quality Types in Security Cameras

Are you a homeowner or own a business? Are you looking to add a security system to your home or business? You know what you want to cover, but don't know what camera quality may be best for you? Well, there are a variety of qualities that are out in technology these days. At Security Surveillance System we offer 2K, 4K, and even 8K systems. You may be wondering, what does the K stand for in 2K, 4K, or 8K, which some people didn't even know existed? K stands for thousand, and it is referring to the number of pixels built into the camera. When there are more pixels in an image, the picture will stand out more in details, henceforth the higher the quality. Cameras come in many shapes and sizes, but the main purpose of a security camera is the image it transfers to a monitor. Security Surveillance System offers many unique cameras from 2 thousand up to 16 thousand pixels. Depending on your needs, detail is really important. For example, a 2K camera will be able to catch the face of a victim, 4k might catch the jewelry the victim was wearing, but 8K will catch the slightest and most important details, like the tattoo of the victim or the marks and bruise they might have. Not that the 2K and 4K will not catch that, but the detail will be remarkable in 8K footage. Televisions have advanced majorly in the past decades, we went from box TV's to flat screen HDTVs that show you an image almost close to reality. Soon, 8K TV's will be offered in retail, which will bring visions of reality to life when showing you the footage on screen. When an incident happened, the TV that the camera footage is transferred may not yet be able to handle it when footage is minimized, but when the footage is maximized, the detail in the footage is remarkable and unbelievable. We also offer HD 1080p, our economical packages still clear as day, but to maximize efficiency and performance, 8K is the way to go.




Fiber isn't just a good addition to a healthful diet it's also an incredibly useful, economical and reliable means by which to wire security surveillance systems that need to cover a long distance.   Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carries digital information over long distances.  Fiber optics are replacing the standard wire cabling because it has many advantages!

The Future Has Arrived - Video Analytics!

THE FUTURE IS HERE I hope you are ready...because the future is here! Video analytics are the way of the future. Video analytics make it so that your security surveillance system is only alerting you for the really important stuff. Video analytics will also limit the amount of time an actual person needs to spend sitting in front of a screen watching every little thing that happens. No one has time for that!  Not everything that goes on at your property requires your attention, unless you're into that... Video Analytics save you time and thus money! Time saved is money in your pocket which you can reinvest in your business growing your assets. Now, that makes sense!

Peace of Mind Delivered

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