Preventing and Capturing Halloween Crime in 2022


Halloween is fun but requires one to be cautious. Smart cameras can prevent and capture Halloween crime. This year, you can make your commercial and residential place more secure with video surveillance and installing access control. Here are a few safety tips from our experts to help you prevent and capture Halloween crimes.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Any danger or theft can be avoided with some safety tips. These are some of the Halloween safety tips for businesses to have fun and stay safe.

Homeowners are More Vulnerable at Halloween

According to Travelers, the third-largest personal insurer in the U.S, crime-related insurance claims increase up to 28% during the the week of Halloween. This shows how important safety is for businesses in these inflation times.

Yard Theft

Today, in this digital age Halloween is bigger than pumpkin smashing and is now about decorating front yards. Therefore, major crime rate has been increased in theft of front yard decoration and stealing expensive décor items. Therefore, we at Security Surveillance System provide you with access control and video surveillance solution so you can keep an eye on your precious and expensive decoration.

Protect Your Business This Halloween with Smart Security Technology

Protect your business this Halloween with smart security technology and 24×7 surveillance to your business or property. Ensure that your business has covered coverage of front or main door entrance, walkway, exit doors and emergency doors. Be careful and vigilant during the entire week.

Beware of Dangers Especially During the Night

Walk your property before Halloween to identify and minimize potential dangers, especially those difficult to see after dark. For example, check to make sure temporary extension cords are secured to avoid becoming a tripping hazard.

Make sure walking surfaces are even and clear of debris, and that any obstacles are clearly marked, such as stakes, exposed roots or holes.

Place Outdoor Cameras

The more you place cameras outside your property, the safe it is. Make sure that all the area is covered around the store, business and shop. Know that you can keep yourself safe with these measures.

Connect with Expert to Address Concerns

Halloween is the time to invest in security. Make sure your business has proper security and that your security cameras are everywhere around your business property and operational. Keep a check if the batteries are working and get maintenance done during this week.

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We want your property and loved ones to have a safe, happy Halloween this year. To discuss monitored security cameras for your home or business, call Security Surveillance today.
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