Peace of Mind? Piece of Cake!

PEACE OF MIND? How many times have you wished that there was more than one of you? That you could be in multiple places at once? That you had eyes everywhere you needed to be, even in the back of your head¦. If you are like most your answer would be ˜more times than I can count’. The pressures...

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Protecting Your Assets at Home and Work

There is no need for us to remind you of the importance of protecting your assets. Wherever you live, work, sleep, and play, important possessions and pieces of your identity are left behind. In particular, your family and pets at home need to be protected from crime. Whether or not you are constantly...

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How to Secure Your Surveillance System From Hackers

IP cameras are great! They are high-tech, internet-based cameras that provide a great picture and high performance.  However, having an internet-based security camera system puts you at risk for attacks by hackers. Here are some tips on how to set up road blocks for hackers before they can even try...

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