Clear Colorado

Security Surveillance System (SSS) Enhances Safety and Security for Clear Colorado About Clear Colorado: Clear Colorado is a prominent software development company based in Colorado, specializing in cutting-edge technologies for various industries. With a focus on developing sensitive software solutions,...

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Veterans Affairs

Introduction In an ever-evolving world where security concerns are paramount, the Veterans Affairs (VA) facility in Golden, Colorado faced numerous challenges in ensuring the safety of its premises and personnel. The overall vision of VA Golden is to serve our nation’s veterans by providing...

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Enhancing Security at BarknBig

Introduction   In this case study, we will explore how Security Surveillance Systems (SSS) provided an effective surveillance solution to BarknBig, a prominent dog care facility based in Colorado. SSS implemented an advanced access control system, ensuring enhanced security measures and controlled...

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Aloy Thai Eatery

Overview Aloy Thai Eatery is a popular Thai restaurant chain with multiple locations in Denver and Boulder. As a thriving business, Aloy Thai Eatery places a high emphasis on providing a safe and secure environment for its customers and staff. To achieve this, they decided to invest in a comprehensive...

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Larimer Square Outdoor Camera System Installation

Introduction Larimer Square is a popular tourist destination in Denver, Colorado. The square consists of historic buildings that have been restored and transformed into a vibrant retail and entertainment district. With so many people coming in and out of the area each day, Larimer Square management...

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Autowash Colorado

Autowash Colorado Overview of Autowash and its Security Needs Autowash, a chain of car wash facilities in Colorado, approached Security Surveillance System to install a security surveillance system in all of its locations. Security is given top priority to keep customers safe at Autowash so they can...

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