It’s important to outpace criminals, especially when it comes to technology. Surveillance systems are an important part of keeping one’s home or business from falling victim to people with bad intentions. With cameras in place, individuals stand a greater chance of catching criminals in the act or preventing crime altogether.

Anyone shopping for a video security system needs to be aware of the specific features offered by various surveillance cameras. Each security system will boast a range of different attributes, including high video resolution or the ability to capture images in the dark, and it’s important to choose the particular system that will work best for your unique needs.

By familiarizing themselves with different features, business proprietors and home owners stand a better chance of protecting themselves against criminal activity. Here’s a look at five critical surveillance system features:

1. High Definition Resolution

Smiley faceThis is the attribute to examine before all others. Without high resolution, small details in video footage may be difficult to see. When it comes to providing an extra layer of security, the higher the resolution, the better.
Shoppers should bear in mind that surveillance cameras are intended to record criminal acts. If these are captured in crystal-clear resolution, police can more easily apprehend those involved; for instance, high-definition cameras are better able to record identifying details like license plates, facial features, or tattoos.
Resolution is expressed in terms of the horizontal and vertical number of pixels (1280 x 800) or the total number of pixels (3.0 megapixels). A camera with more pixels offers better resolution.

2. Storage Devices

Smiley faceFor homeowners or business proprietors who require 24-hour surveillance, a large amount of DVR hard drive storage is a must. All surveillance cameras have the ability to send video footage to an external recording device, and so it is necessary to purchase a security DVR to complete your surveillance system.
Some IP cameras can connect to a network and send footage to a storage device on the network or via the Internet. This capability can be helpful for users eager to keep their video evidence in a separate location.
Users can review stored surveillance footage at any point in time. They can also transfer it to a different storage device, such as a flash drive, or upload it to online storage. Users of security DVRs benefit from smart search options that allow them to locate specific clips without having to sort through hours of raw footage.
When purchasing a storage device, it’s important to choose one that offers plenty of space; at least 4TB. Users who plan to make DVR backups every week, for example, should ensure that their hard drives can hold seven days’ worth of surveillance.

3. Remote Viewing

Smiley faceWith a DVR in place, a surveillance system can make digital recordings and stream video to various devices. Users who want to stream video may need to connect their surveillance system to Wi-Fi or use special software before they can bring a mobile device into the mix.
Once remote viewing is set up, users can view their surveillance footage in real time, no matter where they are. That live feed can be accessed on compatible computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Those who plan to connect their security systems to the Internet for mobile streaming should also install extra security measures so that the live feed doesn’t fall prey to hackers.

4. Motion Activation

Smiley faceRather than running surveillance cameras around the clock and using up precious storage space, users can opt for a system with motion activation.
Business owners who require 24-hour surveillance don’t often use cameras with motion sensors, but homeowners may find that the feature makes it easier to review video and save hard drive space. DVRs with motion-activated recording are ideal for this purpose.

5. Infrared Night Vision

Smiley faceCameras with night vision are very common nowadays, and users who require 24-hour surveillance will need a solution with infrared night vision capabilities.
Infrared detection creates a clear black and white picture when visible light is lacking by using light from the infrared spectrum. Some surveillance cameras can even use thermal imaging to spot potential thieves hiding behind various objects. So much for committing crimes under cover of darkness!
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