Audio and Intercom Integration


One of the popular misconceptions about our services is that we just install security camera’s and that’s about it. The truth is that we provide an extensive line of products offering not only security camera’s, but alarm systems, accessories, support, and seamless integration of systems for your home or business. Seamless integration means that we can provide you with an alarm system that monitors for hazards like fire as well as burglary, our camera’s are equipped with night vision  infrared capabilities, and mega pixel magnification that can increase line of sight and detail.

With many competing model camera’s you simply don’t have that. You’ve got a camera that records grainy and practically useless footage that doesn’t help anyone. But with SSS Camera’s you’ve got it all. We offer audio and intercom capabilities in many of our packages as well as Internet Protocol camera’s and systems. This allows you to patch in and view any room in your home or business from anywhere you have internet access, even from a smart phone! And not only that but you can speak with anyone in the rooms, you can change lighting, activate or deactivate systems, play music or alter the temperature and more. That’s seamless integration and SSSCamera’s offers you that. It’s a complete package dedicated to your security, comfort, convenience and peace of mind. You’ll find that with SSSCamera’s you aren’t just purchasing a camera, you’re purchasing peace of mind and the quality assurance with it.

The integrated Audio and Intercom system is perfect for any business or home and our dedicated staff of professionals can help you determine which service package is right for you. Whatever your needs are professional or personal we guarantee that you’ll find the safety, security, and satisfaction you’re looking for with SSSCamera’s. Too often today many competitors are interested only in offering you a product, but SSSCamera’s are interested in offering you a service. That’s because we understand that what you’re really after isn’t just a product, but peace of mind. So take a look at the services we offer, search our online product list and feel free to call us or email and receive a free consultation.

You work hard for what you have and you deserve to keep it safe and secure. At SSSCamera’s we can do that. So come take a look and see what we can do for you today. We have a dedicated staff of technicians with over ten years experience in the security installation field and we know that we can provide a solution for virtually any need. We stand by our guarantee and we stand by our service. Most importantly, we stand by our customers. You can rest easy with SSS Camera’s because we understand the value of good service, we understand the value of your business, and we understand the value of you. Stay safe, and secure, with us.

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