How Plant Security Systems Save the Industry Millions


Although Colorado seemingly offers a comparatively safe environment in which to operate a business, property crimes obviously do occur here. For example, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, nearly 25,000 burglaries took place in 2013. These offenses exact tolls in the industrial plant sector, but we can show you 2 primary ways in which security systems for small business manufacturing plants and large plants alike save the industry money.


Smiley faceWith Colorado burglary rates consistently declining during the past 8 years, some people may conclude that security systems are becoming decreasingly important. However, these statistics may just help illustrate the excellent return on investment these products provide. For example, studies indicate that homes and businesses with no security system are 300% more likely to experience a break-in, due to the understandable eagerness on the part of criminals to enter premises with no alarm. A recent decrease in these types of crimes can likely be attributed to an increase in security, including plant security systems. Lower probability of criminal attention to your plant means less likelihood of theft. Furthermore, it means less chance of expensive property damage. With approximately 50% of Colorado burglaries involving forced entry, the break-in itself can be costly, even in the absence of actual theft. More importantly, burglaries can result in violent physical crime, the costs of which are astronomical. One estimate of medical and mental health expenses caused by all crimes in the United States suggests that they exceed $18 billion.


Smiley faceIf a theft or other crime is committed at your plant, having security footage increases the chances of quick apprehension and successful prosecution of the perpetrator. A criminal conviction will then require that the guilty party make financial restitution for any damages. Because your plant is private property, you must take the responsibility to monitor it. Fortunately, police forces are increasingly eager to partner with business owners who use surveillance cameras. By allowing you to pool resources with law enforcement, these cameras, as well as other security products, increase the possibility of crime avoidance and clearance.

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