Security Challenges & Solutions That State Licensed Marijuana Growers Face


Medical marijuana is a cash crop that’s very expensive to grow and produce. State licensed marijuana growers face many security challenges ranging from meeting state government regulations, to protecting your crops and preventing theft. As a state licensed marijuana grower, you are required to have 24/7 video surveillance at your facilities with a complete video security system. We offer a wide range of high-quality, reliable video security systems, security cameras and hidden cameras that are engineered to withstand the demands of around-the-clock surveillance.

What are the I-502 Requirements for Video Security Equipment?law

  • Each facility must have a complete IP-compatible video surveillance system with security cameras that produce a minimum resolution of 640×470 pixels.
  • There must be a security camera installed in every room of the facility where the marijuana is growing.
  • All security camera video must be recorded continuously for 24 hours a day.
  • All recorded surveillance video must be stored and kept for a minimum of 45 days on the video recording device. All recorded video is subject to inspection at any time by any liquor control board employee or law enforcement officer, and a copy of the video must be provided upon request.

Protecting Cropsplants

Another security challenge for licensed medical marijuana growers is protecting the crops, and this includes everything from proper planting, to pest control and intruder protection from thieves. Cannabis crops are expensive to grow and are a target for thieves. Protecting the perimeter and interior of your facility with a high quality video security system is essential for ensuring safety and protecting your crops, equipment and other assets. The state of Colorado requires video security cameras be installed in every room and doorway where the marijuana plants grow, and laws regarding the placement of security cameras vary by state.

Deterring Theft and Intrudersrobber

State regulations regarding growing and dispensing medical marijuana are some of the strictest laws around, and every state has a different set of laws. There are stringent security standards and codes that need to be met, including everything from how many surveillance cameras are needed, and the placement of certain types of security cameras, to the types of security DVRs and the number of days of recorded video required.


Monitoring Employeesshop

One of the biggest security challenges for state licensed pot growers is employee theft. Regardless of whether the grower has a small room with cannabis plants, or large-scale warehouse, the ability to monitor employees is essential.

Internal theft is prevalent because it’s very easy for employees to pocket a small product like pot and walk out of the facility with it. That’s why it’s important to install a high quality video security system that includes high-resolution security cameras as well as hidden cameras to protect your business from dishonest employees.

Video Security Systemssystem

Our reliable, high-quality video security systems are equipped with the latest features and capabilities and are built to withstand the demands of 24/7 surveillance needed for licensed marijuana growing and dispensing facilities.

Key Features and Capabilities:

Remote Viewing Capabilities
Enjoy convenient remote access and viewing from your PC, laptop, mobile phone or smart device. You can monitor your security system from anywhere”at any time.

Security Grade Hard Drives
Our hard drives are built for the rigorous demands of surveillance applications. They operate at a lower temperature and deliver smother video streaming with less vibration than standard consumer-grade hard drives. Our security systems use security-grade hard drives to provide continuous recording of surveillance video, improve reliability, and offer better all-round performance.

Free Lifetime Technical Support
Our video security systems come with free lifetime US-based technical support. Call us anytime for assistance for the life of your product. Our friendly, expert support technicians are here to help you every step of the way.


Security CamerasTech

Our high-quality indoor and outdoor security cameras are equipped with the latest security features to keep watch over your state licensed marijuana growing facility for true peace-of-mind security. Our reliable surveillance cameras come in a variety of form factors from dome cameras, to bullet cameras and box cameras, to explosive resistant cameras and are available in a variety of video resolutions to meet your surveillance needs.

Key Features and Capabilities:

Day/Night Capabilities
Our day/night security cameras capture clear images during the day and at night to provide around-the-clock security.

Weather Protection
Our outdoor security cameras have at least an IP66 weather-rated enclosure that provides protection against particles such as dust and sand, as well as harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Hidden Cameras

Enhance your system with hidden cameras, and see what’s happening when and where they don’t think you’re watching! Hidden cameras blend in well in variety of environments and are virtually undetectable to the human eye. We offer a wide range of spy cameras hidden inside form factors ranging from motion detectors and smoke alarms, to coat hooks and writing pens.

Key Features and Capabilities:

Day/Night Capabilities
Our day/night security cameras capture clear images during the day and at night to provide around-the-clock security.

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