You have most certainly heard that the most successful businesses are the ones that are well
connected. Well, connections are important for all types of networking including system networking.
You might be scratching your head right about now trying to figure out why networking has anything
to do with your security surveillance system. And, I’m gonna tell you! If you take your security as
seriously as you should then you want to ensure that the network your cameras are connected on is

This means a (local area network) LAN should be established just for your security cameras.
A devoted network is important because it limits the number of devices connected directly to your
security cameras. Thus, decreasing the probability of hackers infiltrating your security surveillance
system. Limiting access to your security surveillance network will result in better performance and
make for a more secure network.

Secure what matters¦.

Access points are a means by which your security cameras are connected to each other and to your
network. Connections to your cameras by a LAN can be made possible by access points. The main
purpose of the access point is to take the network traffic from your wired IP camera and make it
wireless while acting as a transparent bridge between your Network Video Recorder (NVR) and the
camera. When you have devoted access points your security system will experience high throughput
and low latency. This will directly improve your ability to access your cameras, from any connected
device in real time, without fear of lagging down your video stream.

Another means of wireless connection to your LAN is established via a point-to-point network. A
point-to-point network is established by connecting two points through a wireless radio link. A
point-to-point network can facilitate short and long-range connections.

To the networking novice, the world of networking via technical means can get pretty complicated, But do not
fear, we have an expert – Hamid Fida! Hamid is an IT expert with nine years of experience setting up network
connections. Hamid has been critical in the installation of 100’s of wireless networks. Some of his most
mentionable work occurred for USA Airport Parking, Trail Creek Ranch, Courtyards at Buckley, Woodside
Village and DCP Midstream.

Educate us Hamid!
A point-to-point network is perfect when you need to connect two buildings across the street and you don’t
have the ability to run cable to connect them. A point-to-multipoint network is perfect when connecting more
than two buildings. In most cases, this type of networking is much less expensive than running cable because
you are not required to bury underground lines. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks will allow you to
view cameras from all buildings in a single centralized location.

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks are perfect for apartment buildings for this reason.

We can also install cameras on poles. Many of our clients want to see cars entering and exiting their property
and will install cameras on a pole. The signal from the cameras is then transmitted to the NVR stored in the
building via access points. Access points are great for our clients who have two or more buildings and need to
connect them. An access point has a range of up to 100’s of miles within a clear line of site. A clear line of site
just means there are no other buildings obstructing the line of site between the buildings. We have excellent
high-definition cameras that will capture license plate numbers, which is a feature many of our clients are
looking for.

We have so many happy clients who tell us that access points, point-to-point and multi-point networking helps
them increase efficiency because they are able to monitor all of their buildings from a single centralized

As you can tell from our conversation with Hamid that we employ a team of experts. Our company has the
knowledge and access to resources which will allow you to connect your neworks, streamlining your
surveillance system monitoring. Security Surveillance System has been leading the residential and commercial
Security Surveillance market in Colorado since 2006. Our industry leadership is achieved because
we settle for nothing short of perfection when it comes to the quality of service and products we provide. We
have access to the highest grade of commercial security surveillance equipment available on the market.
At Security Surveillance System we have a team of security personnel and technicians who are well-versed in
the pain points experienced by homes and businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado. Give us a call
and let one of our experts come out for a site survey, our treat, to discuss how we can upgrade your current
system or add a completely new one with the perfect wireless LAN for your needs!


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