Our new digital 4K technology enables you to focus on every detail.


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As 2015 has come to a close, it’s a good time to look back at how our industry changed last year and what we can expect for 2016.

The trend toward higher resolutions continued last year and here at SSS we are continuing that trend by leaping into the 4K technology for 2016!  Whereas a few years ago, 720p was the most popular resolution for HD cameras, 1080p has now become the standard choice. Now even higher resolutions, such as 4K ultra HD cameras, are seeing increased sales. SSS will now be offering 4K Ultra HD system to our clients and good luck finding anyone to truly deliver true 4K to a home or business besides a very select few.

A typical surveillance application is challenged by moving objects, variable lighting conditions and bandwidth limitations for transmitting video. That’s why we offer a 4K ultra HD solution which takes such limitations into account, covering a large area and identifying objects even at a great distance.

Our 4K ultra HD offers 8-12 megapixel resolution to deliver amazing detail even when zoomed-in. It’s incredibly high frame rate of 20 fps at 12 megapixel and up to 30 fps at 4K. UHD lets you capture fast moving objects in high resolutions. This speed and these resolutions provide the level of detail that makes the difference when collecting evidence. The images produced are perfect for a detailed and effective retrospective analysis.

The camera’s ability to give a wide-angle overview and multiple focus points on a single screen helps you focus on details without losing the bigger picture. The focus is to enable you to see every detail, everywhere, 24/7.

Improved quality

Special features take the 4K ultra HD cameras to the next level. They are equipped with intelligent techniques to improve quality and lower the costs of video surveillance. Intelligent Auto Exposure (IAE) accounts for superb front and backlight compensation, providing you with the perfect exposure every time. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) tracks and focuses on relevant situations, and adds sense and structure to video allowing you to quickly retrieve the correct data. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) reduces bitrate by up to 50% to significantly reduce storage costs and network strain without compromising video quality.

Increased awareness and easy integration

The camera’s ability to give a wide-angle overview and multiple focus points on a single screen helps you focus on details without losing the bigger picture. Regions of interest allow zooming in on certain details of the full image. These close-ups are transmitted in a separate stream, so both overview and detail can be viewed at the same time. Regions of interest also allow automatic tracking of persons or objects of interest in a single frame, so you never lose track of them. The camera’s multi-stream capability also enables easy integration with 3rd party video management software as well as easy management of large video data to reduce network strain.

After only 20 minutes you can miss 90% of the activity on a screen. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) assists by alerting you when predefined alarms are triggered. By smartly combining up to 8 IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

IVA also adds sense and structure to your video by adding metadata. This enables you to quickly retrieve the relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimize business processes based on, for example, people counting or crowd density information. With IVA, our focus is to alert you when needed and help you quickly retrieve the correct data.

What is the difference between High Definition and Ultra HD 4K?Pixel counts

4K = 8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9 Horizontal resolution

1080p= 2.1 megapixel, aspect ratio 16:9 Vertical resolution

720p= 1.3 megapixel, aspect ratio 16:9 Vertical resolution

D1= 0.4 megapixel, aspect ratio 4:3 Vertical resolution

4K Ultra HD is 4x Greater Than 1080p:
4K security systems are perfect for high-traffic areas where you need to be able to zoom in to see whether someone is dancing or fighting. Think about it? Who benefits from all this technology…hotels,  athletic fields, schools, universities, big box retail, train/bus stations, government facilities, and tourist areas are just a few of the industries that could benefit from these 4K systems.

Here at Security Surveillance System„¢ we now offer fully installed Ultra 4K Security Camera packages for your needs. We can also customize any Ultra 4K Camera System to fit your specific needs and requirements. Our Ultra 4K HD Security Camera Systems include the 4K Cameras, an average of 30 days of recording, power supplies and don’t forget my favorite that’s right, If you haven’t guessed by now! The 4K Monitor!  We’ll have you all set up, and trained before you can bake our friendly techs fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies! (Don’t forget us in the office that have to type up all this stuff!).  We warranty everything for One Full Year on all parts and labor. We’ll even come back out to give you a refresher course on your system within that year if you need us to. Because here at Security Surveillance System„¢ we take a personal interest in the safety of our and your community and consequently, all our customers receive the same level of high quality personalized care. We believe our customers deserve nothing less and intend to continue this commitment far into the 21st century. Security Surveillance System„¢ was founded on a simple philosophy. We protect everything valuable to you. We pride ourselves on being an innovative security provider utilizing cutting-edge advanced technology to provide the highest quality security systems at competitive and affordable prices. Please Call: 1-877-711-CCTV – Toll Free or 720-535-5803 – locally for any questions or to schedule your free onsite survey and quote. Call Now!

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