Enhancing Security at BarknBig




In this case study, we will explore how Security Surveillance Systems (SSS) provided an effective surveillance solution to BarknBig, a prominent dog care facility based in Colorado. SSS implemented an advanced access control system, ensuring enhanced security measures and controlled access to designated areas. The deployment of key fob entry significantly improved security, providing BarknBig with peace of mind and safeguarding their valuable assets.


About the Client


BarknBig is a renowned dog care facility offering daycare, boarding, and grooming services. Located in Colorado, the facility caters to a large number of canine guests and prioritizes their safety and well-being. BarknBig recognized the need for a robust surveillance system to ensure a secure environment for both the dogs and their owners.


Client Objective


BarknBig sought a comprehensive surveillance solution that would mitigate potential security risks and provide controlled access to certain areas within the facility. Their primary goal was to enhance overall security measures while ensuring a seamless experience for both staff members and clients.


Security Surveillance Systems conducted an in-depth assessment of BarknBig’s premises and proposed an advanced access control system. The solution involved installing an access control system for two crucial entry points, granting access exclusively through key fob entry. This approach allowed BarknBig to effectively regulate access to restricted areas while ensuring the smooth movement of authorized personnel.


Implementation Process


Security Surveillance team collaborated closely with BarknBig to determine the specific access control requirements and tailor the solution to their needs. The installation process included the following key steps:

  1. Consultation and Needs Assessment:
    We conducted a comprehensive consultation with BarknBig’s management to identify their security objectives, assess potential vulnerabilities, and determine the ideal access control solution.

  2. Customized System Design:
    Our team designed a customized access control system, strategically placing access points at the identified doors. The system utilized key fob entry technology to ensure secure access only for authorized personnel.

  3. Hardware Installation:
    SSS deployed the necessary hardware, including key fob readers and access control panels, at the designated doors. The installation was completed seamlessly, minimizing any disruption to BarknBig’s operations.

  4. System Integration and Testing:
    The access control system was integrated with BarknBig’s existing surveillance infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and compatibility. Rigorous testing was conducted to verify the system’s functionality and reliability.


Results and Benefits

The implementation of the access control system provided BarknBig with numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security:
    The access control system fortified security measures, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches. Only authorized personnel could enter the designated areas, ensuring the safety of both dogs and staff members.

  2. Streamlined Access Management:
    With the key fob entry system, BarknBig was able to efficiently manage access permissions. Access privileges could be easily granted, revoked, or adjusted as needed, minimizing administrative burdens and ensuring smooth operations.

  3. Improved Accountability:
    The access control system maintained a comprehensive log of entry and exit events, enabling BarknBig to monitor and track access activities. This enhanced accountability and facilitated effective incident investigation if required.

  4. Client Satisfaction and Trust:
    By implementing advanced security measures, BarknBig demonstrated its commitment to providing a safe environment for clients’ beloved pets. This bolstered client confidence, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.



The collaboration between BarknBig and Security Surveillance Systems resulted in a highly effective and reliable access control system, elevating the security standards of the dog care facility. The key fob entry solution provided enhanced control, improved accountability, and increased peace of mind for both BarknBig and its clients. SSS’s expertise in surveillance solutions successfully met BarknBig’s security objectives, ensuring the well-being of the facility’s canine guests and reinforcing their reputation as a trusted provider of dog care services.


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