Improving Security Measures at Metro West Housing Solutions with Security Surveillance System


Client Profile:

  • Company Name: Metro West Housing Solutions (MWHS)
  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Industry: Property Management and Affordable Housing
  • Client Overview: MWHS is a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable and safe housing solutions to residents in the Colorado area. They manage and maintain over ten properties across the region, housing a diverse population of individuals and families.

Client Challenges:

Metro West Housing Solutions faced several security challenges across their properties.

Safety Concerns: As a provider of affordable housing, MWHS was dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. However, they faced security concerns, such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, which threatened the safety of tenants.

Property Monitoring: The organization needed to monitor common areas like fitness centers, mailboxes, leasing offices, and outdoor spaces to enhance the security of these public areas frequently used by tenants.

Data Collection and Documentation: MWHS required a robust system to collect video data for potential incident documentation, investigations, and evidence in the event of disputes, accidents, or emergencies.


Security Surveillance System, a leading security company in Colorado, provided a comprehensive surveillance solution tailored to address MWHS’s unique challenges:

Video Surveillance System: Security Surveillance System installed a combination of interior and exterior cameras strategically positioned throughout MWHS properties. These cameras covered high-traffic areas, such as fitness centers, mailboxes, leasing offices, and outdoor spaces, allowing for real-time monitoring and recording of activities.

Access Control Integration: In addition to video surveillance, the solution included access control systems for common entry points, ensuring that only authorized individuals could access the properties. This helped to prevent unauthorized entry and enhance overall security.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts: The installed surveillance system provided 24/7 monitoring services, offering immediate responses to security breaches, incidents, or emergencies. The system’s smart technology enabled real-time alerts and notifications for any suspicious activities.

Data Storage and Retrieval: Security Surveillance System integrated an efficient data storage and retrieval system, ensuring that recorded video footage was stored securely and accessible when needed for investigations or incident documentation.


The implementation of the Security Surveillance System’s comprehensive solution yielded significant benefits for Metro West Housing Solutions:

Improved Safety: The enhanced security measures contributed to a safer living environment for MWHS residents, reducing incidents of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

Effective Monitoring: The surveillance system enabled MWHS staff to monitor public areas and common spaces, ensuring that these areas were well-maintained and secure.

Incident Documentation: The ability to document and retrieve video footage quickly proved valuable in resolving disputes, investigations, and incidents, helping maintain a safe and peaceful community for residents.

Peace of Mind: MWHS now has greater peace of mind knowing that their properties are under constant surveillance and that they can respond promptly to any security concerns


In conclusion, Security Surveillance System’s tailored surveillance solutions have successfully addressed the security challenges faced by Metro West Housing Solutions. By combining video surveillance, access control, and 24/7 monitoring, MWHS has improved safety and security for its residents and properties, reinforcing its commitment to providing affordable and secure housing solutions in Colorado.


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