Autowash Colorado


Autowash Colorado

Overview of Autowash and its Security Needs

Autowash, a chain of car wash facilities in Colorado, approached Security Surveillance System to install a security surveillance system in all of its locations. Security is given top priority to keep customers safe at Autowash so they can experience a joyful environment. The owner, Dennis Dreeszen, was concerned about theft and property damage, as well as employee safety

​​Security Surveillance System Solution

Security Surveillance System, a provider of security camera systems, designed a custom solution to meet the needs of Autowash. The solution included indoor and outdoor cameras and access control that would provide complete coverage of each facility and protect employees and customers. The interiors of the auto bays were also monitored to provide real-time surveillance of the activities taking place.

Implementation Process

The implementation process was smooth and efficient, and the cameras were installed at all twenty locations within a few months. The cameras were connected to a centralized monitoring system that allowed Autowash to view live footage from all of its sites. The system also had a motion detection feature that would trigger an alert if any suspicious activity was detected.


The results of the implementation were immediate and positive. Theft and property damage incidents were reduced significantly, and employee safety was improved. The surveillance system also provided Autowash with valuable insights into the operations of each location, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve their business.


Overall, the surveillance system installed by Security Surveillance System provided Autowash with the peace of mind and security they needed. The system proved to be reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Thus, making it a valuable investment for the company.

In conclusion, the security surveillance installation has been an excellent success for Autowash. The company was able to secure its facilities, improve employee safety, and make informed decisions to grow its business.

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