How To Choose The Best Access Control System


Why to Choose Access Control

Choosing an Access Control system for your business is a big investment to make and an essential one, as it protects your employees and assets. Access Control often acts as your first line of defense in dangerous situations by securing the entrances to your property and preventing unauthorized individuals from entry. Its key safety feature is to give people peace of mind at their workplace, business, and academic campuses.

Choosing the Best Access Control System

Are you looking to get Access Control for your business in Colorado? Are you looking for Access Control because you heard someone installed it at their office and it has improved the safety of their employees and assets and streamlined their security measures? If you are in the market for Access Control, make sure you understand your needs, including the number of entryways required for security, the number of people who will have access, basic requirements for entry, and the frequency of rekeying your building.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right Access Control system for your business:

  • Budget
  • Organization/Company size
  • Number of people who will have access to your entry points
  • Number of features you require (remote access, keycard access, Bluetooth access, and more)
  • Solutions you are looking for, including privacy, keeping track of who entered where/when, rekeying for security, etc.
  • Ease of use

Why SSS?

With Security Surveillance System, you can get access to our real-time Access Control system. It is purpose-built to provide businesses like yours with complete visibility and security for employees, and our dual door installation keeps an eye on any external party that has any access to the company’s building.


At SSS we help you streamline access control processes while ensuring your business remains completely safe. We know the potential loss when access controls are not correctly implemented or maintained, therefore we are available for support 24/7.


Contact us to request a free demo. We will review your current setup, implement new access controls, and answer any additional questions you may have about keeping your building and employees secure.

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