Fiber isn’t just a good addition to a healthful diet it’s also an incredibly useful, economical and reliable means by which to wire security surveillance systems that need to cover a long distance.   Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carries digital information over long distances.  Fiber optics are replacing the standard wire cabling because it has many advantages!

ONE – It’s just cheaper! Fiber optics require less expensive resources for production so that cuts down on cost.

Money saved is money earned!

TWO – It’s thinner! Thinner cabling is preferable because it leaves room for other utilities that might need to be wired in. We know that there is only so much room for utilities so fiber optics is preferable because it has a higher carrying capacity, meaning it leaves room for other utility lines you might need now or in the future. Thinner cabling will also make way for more channels to come through the cable. Bulkier wiring like copper takes up more room which can increase overall costs today or in the future when you need to add other utilities in.  This might even lead to the addition of new trenching (or other pricy activities)  to bury the other utilities that don’t fit in.

Make room for the future!

THREE – A more reliable signal! The purpose of your security surveillance system is to report, in real-time what is happening at your property.  An unreliable signal will disrupt the process. If you have a signal you can’t rely on then what’s the point? Well, good news, fiber optics has far less signal degradation than traditional copper wiring!

FOUR – Less interference because fiber optics are transmitted at light speed!  Unlike electrical signals in copper wires, light signals from one fiber do not interfere with those of other fibers in the same cable. Less interference with other lines leads to a more reliable signal, which then provides you with clearer reception.  

FIVE – Low power! Low power – Because signals in optical fibers degrade less, lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed for copper wires. Lower power usage results in lower cost – who doesn’t like that?  

SIX – Digital Signals! A fiber optic cable was made for carrying digital signals while other stranded metal wiring is multi-use and doesn’t really have the same compatibility for digital communications because it is forced to do all kinds of other jobs. In this case, fiber optics is the expert at digital signal delivery and wire cabling is just something to settle for.

SEVEN – Safer! Did you know that fiber optic cabling is non-flammable, well it is! It’s non-flammable because there is no electricity passed through those little optical nodules. Other non-fiber cable risks igniting when running wires especially if you hire the wrong company to set up your security surveillance system.

Yikes¦ Who you hire matters!  


There you go, seven reasons why fiber is so good! Now, let’s stop in on our local expert – Mahmood .  Our organization has set up many fiber optic based security surveillance systems throughout the Denver Metro Area.  And, unlike the other security surveillance companies in Colorado, we actually have an expert engineer who is incredibly well versed and practiced in fiber optic technology. Meet Mahmood.

Hey Mahmood, tell us about a problem you solved with fiber optics.

Hampden Village is an apartment complex that has buildings which are as much as 1,000 ft away from each other. Wiring the system using copper was out of the question because the distance was extensive. Well, fiber optics was the perfect solution because it is not inhibited by distance like copper wiring is.

At the International School of Denver, we used fiber for network distribution between the four buildings. The school wanted the fastest network available, one with minimal lag and of course something that would be incredibly safe! Fiber optics was our natural choice because of its faster, safer and more reliable than regular wire cabling.

Mahmood, should all security surveillance systems be wired with fiber optics?

In an ideal world everything would be run on fiber but¦..the world not ideal, so fiber, for now, is only a perfect solution for some of our customers – those that require long wire runs. For customers that have shorter wire runs copper is still the most economical selection and your best bet.   

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At Security Surveillance System we have a team of security personnel and technicians who are well-versed in the pain points experienced by homes and businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado. Give us a call and let one of our experts come out for a site survey, our treat, to discuss how a fiber optics based security surveillance system can maximize your resources.

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