I hope you are ready…because the future is here! Video analytics are the way of the future. Video analytics make it so that your security surveillance system is only alerting you for the really important stuff. Video analytics will also limit the amount of time an actual person needs to spend sitting in front of a screen watching every little thing that happens. No one has time for that!  Not everything that goes on at your property requires your attention, unless you’re into that…

Video Analytics save you time and thus money! Time saved is money in your pocket which you can reinvest in your business growing your assets. Now, that makes sense!

Peace of Mind Delivered


Well that all sounds great but how do video analytics work, wait, what are video analytics? Well…I’ll get right to that! Most video analytics can run at the centre (on NVRs or DVRs), at the ˜edge’ (built into cameras) or as a combination of both.  Data can be stored locally on your NVR or DVR if you need to search footage after the fact.

Video analytics will utilize predefined rules of motion detection.  Motion detection can be useful when a client needs to know if a perimeter is violated. Perhaps you would like to be alerted if someone is entering your property after hours.  We would set up a time-specific motion detection rule to send you an alert when that happens.  So, you can keep track of all the important stuff happening on your property even when you are away.

Pattern recognition is another excellent tool used by video analytics. Pattern detection will tell you when anything matching certain dimensions is caught on camera. This is useful for clients who have precious assets stored locally. Should any change happen, i.e. object is moved, goes missing, or new object added; the software immediately recognizes it and sends out an alert. Pattern recognition helps our clients keep track of only the important stuff. Minutiae be gone!

Another value-adding component of video analytics is body heat sensing.  Video analytics are capable of reading the temperature of any body!  High body heat is usually associated with individuals who are involved in unsavory activity – make them sweat!

AND video analytics also has great useage for marketing! Clients can use people counting to determine the amount of traffic each area of their store is getting.  This will help the store determine the areas of the store with the highest volumes. People counting also has a great use for inventory management! Stores can use past patterns of foot traffic to determine the amount of inventory they will need in order to meet future needs.

Typical Usage of Video Analytics Include

+License Plate Recognition
+Security Access Point Monitoring
+Perimeter Violation
+Abandoned Posts

+Object Removal
+Camera Interference
+People Counting
+Space Utilization Effectiveness


Peace of Mind Delivered


Video analytics are pretty technically intensive by default so it’s easy to be a little intimidated by this do it all technology and because video analytics are reporting the important stuff you want to make sure you trust the right company to set them up.  Our organization has set up many video analytics throughout the Denver Metro Area.  In fact, we have a local video analytics expert,  say hello to Hamid.

Hey Hamid, tell us about a problem you solved with video analytics.

One of our clients manages a large construction company and was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to thieves. The amount of loss was incredible considering that they hired security personnel to guard the site. The cost of the security personnel was near $1,500 each and every week. You can just imagine how frustrated our would-be client was, he was losing so much money! Finally, he gave us a call and we had the perfect solution – a security surveillance system complete with video analytics!

After discussing his needs in depth we customized the video analytics to do exactly what he needed.  Fast forward a couple weeks and the system has been installed, video analytics have been perfected.  Our client is now able to monitor his site from any connected device, whenever he wants. He receives real-time alerts that let him know when someone is trespassing on his job site. When that happens he picks up the phone and calls the police who handle it from there.  This client is saving so much money and is now able to sit back and relax.   Thanks to our customized solution he is able to achieve peace of mind.

Peace of Mind Delivered

Hamid, do all security systems, even the ones from big box stores come with video analytics?

No, no, no, no!  Video analytics are only available via commercial grade security surveillance equipment like the ones we sell. And, if your security surveillance system is equipped with video analytics you are definitely going to want to make sure an expert is installing it.  Otherwise, you can’t really trust that you are going to get the results you hope for!

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At Security Surveillance System we have a team of security personnel and technicians who are well-versed in the pain points experienced by homes and businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado. Give us a call and let one of our experts come out for a site survey, our treat, to discuss how we can upgrade your current security surveillance system and complete your security needs with video analytics.

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