How To Display Multiple Security Cameras on One Screen?


How To Display Multiple Security Cameras on One Screen?

It’s no surprise that video security and surveillance systems have become complex. With the growing need for commercial security, many Colorado businesses are searching for video systems, CCTV cameras, and IP Camera solution providers.

While in many network providers, a single display screen may not be an option. Not to mention, with footage from each camera on one screen, it can be challenging to navigate. However, Security Surveillance System makes it simple for you to view your surveillance footage efficiently and effectively.

Display Your Security Cameras Conveniently in One Location

Many business owners, commercial property owners, and renowned organizations are investing time and energy in installing video security systems. These companies aim to integrate all their camera footage into one network and have a common display for all.

Imagine having different types of cameras from various brands and getting to see all these cameras on one screen. This method will ensure to save you time and headaches.

With such a UX-friendly route, we show you how you can easily watch and control all security cameras in one place.

Simplifying Your Surveillance Footage

Digital Video Recorders, commonly known as DVRs, help integrate different video camera visuals into one screen. Multiplexer (a small device to support video signals from one camera to a video stream) and DVR both store those signals to enable video transmission on one screen, making this viewpoint possible.

However, there are other ways to view multiple cameras in the same place. The most common methods are as follows:

  • IP Cameras are a signal source for video, fiber optics, and HDMI cables.
  • Output cable from a security camera that gives signals to input through a multiplexer.
  • The new technology in video multiplexers has in-built DVRs. However, even if the DVR is not in-built, then the multiplexer’s output goes to the DVR’s input, where the video signals are recorded.

The Power of a Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NVR or Network Video Recorder is a known and recommended method to view many cameras on one screen. It enables businesses to bring all the cameras under a central server. NVR also serves as the primary source where all cameras connect and provides you access. With NVR, you can conveniently view all recording screens via your phone.  

If you’re using different cameras, then NVR is recommended. This enables security equipment from various brands to connect. NVR provides 24/7, 365 days of recording and an extended storage facility. Through NVR, you can view all cameras simultaneously by connecting NVR to a TV monitor with a simple HDMI. Network Video Recorder also allows for remote access to cameras and can be viewed on phones.

Software that Allows Viewing Security Cameras on one Screen

Besides apps, there’s other software available that allows businesses and individuals to add cameras and monitor them on their screens. This software offers basic features like motion sensors, motion detectors, recordings, and much more.


There are a few other options that allow businesses to view their security cameras in one place. Once you can view all cameras in one place, it’s more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient.

Each solution has its benefits, and it all depends on your budget. We help you identify your needs according to your business and connect you with our trained team for a consultation. Call us today for a free consultation or email us to know more.

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