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IP Camera’s

One of the most frequently asked questions we get are What are IP Camera’s? Aren’t they just another fancy camera with all the bells and whistles you don’t really need? Well if by fancy you mean they have a lot of features then yes, but bells and whistles aren’t exactly among...

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Fire Safety

Every year thousands of homes and businesses are destroyed and damaged by fire. Tragically the statistics show that much of that can easily be avoided and the potential for trouble mitigated when people make sound investments in their security. Most people tend to think that security systems provide...

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Why SSS?

With all the competition out there why choose Security Surveillance System? Because SSS can offer unrivaled technical expertise, a wide selection of top of the line products and services, and dedication to personally serving your individual needs as a person, and valued customer. What’s more,...

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No Scare tactics

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One thing you’ll notice when shopping around for security and surveillance assistance is that a lot of companies use scare tactics to frighten customers into purchasing their products and services. At Security Surveillance System your security and peace of mind is our business, not your fears....

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