With the Holidays right around the corner, businesses are seeing a rise in crimes committed by their very own employees. Embezzlement occurs when an employee takes unauthorized funds from their employer for their own personal gain. Employees in charge of bookkeeping, accounting and auditing are a few likely suspects. Desperation can often turn an honest and hardworking employee into an embezzler. Often times an employee will justify their crime by an unwritten promise to pay their employer back. Well, it is not often that that promise comes to fruition. And even if it does, the crime has already been committed.

For some of these white collar criminals, the temptation is just too much and the crime is just too easy. These criminals, often the most unlikely suspect, keep helping themselves to their employer’s hard-earned assets again, and again and again. When the crime is uncovered it is often too late… The median loss from a Controller turned embezzler is well over ONE-MILLION DOLLARS. Did I mention that the median loss from a Office Manager turned embezzler is an excess of $500,000?
How many times have you caught an employee embezzling from your business?  If you said zero it could be that you just haven’t been watching closely enough¦.

Prevention is the first step to mitigating embezzlement. Security surveillance systems can be placed in plain sight and in covert locations. Security surveillance system cameras come in all shapes and forms and can be placed in virtually any location to see exactly what your employees are up to. Technology has enabled security cameras to take the form of many devices utilizing pinhole cameras. Pinhole cameras with one-way audio can be added to virtually any location. Pinhole cameras are devices which will be value-adding components to your existing or new, complete security surveillance package. As a component of your complete system, pinhole cameras give users the ability to access live footage and playback historical footage. These covert cameras are so well done that no one would ever suspect that they are under surveillance. Covert stand-alone cameras can take the form of light bulbs, pens, coat hooks, AC adapters and even wall sockets. These stand-alone cameras are great additions to your complete security systems.

When an employee is suspected of embezzlement you can play back video using historical footage from any device connected to your complete security system. Management will also have the ability to view any of the installed surveillance cameras in real-time, from any connected device. Even when you are not in your office, you are still able to watch over your employees, their computers, and your investment. After security surveillance systems are installed managers report that their employees are more accountable when they know that they are being monitored.

Wise business owners and managers realize that they must invest in their business today in order to reap long-term, sustainable benefits. A security surveillance system is a proactive investment any organization can make to protect itself from crimes against their business like embezzlement. At Security Surveillance System we have a team of security personnel and technicians who are well-versed in the pain points experienced by businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado. Please give us a call and let one of our experts come out for a site survey to discuss how we can protect you against embezzlement and other crimes against your business.



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