8 Tips and the Questions to Ask When Selecting a Security System Provider


Selecting a Business Security System or Provider

Globally, many businesses lose billions of dollars to theft. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), more than 30% of all thefts target commercial businesses. Over 1 million thefts and burglaries are committed each year in the US, according to the FBI. Due to this companies need a hefty budget to invest in a convenient security system, offers solutions, and protects assets and properties.


But what if we share some quick tips and questions for you to ask when selecting a security surveillance provider.

Here are some questions to ask when selecting a security system for your business.

At first, these questions may feel like a lot but it is worth asking beforehand. Sometimes you can get aware of company offerings and solutions and get to know what exactly are your needs. The needs of your industry may vary and only the best security company in Colorado and Florida can tell you what spaces you need to protect. From physical assets to inventory, from property to cash in hand. There are multiple threats that businesses encounter and only an experienced security company can help you with this.

Let’s go directly to those 8 tips you must ask.

1.  How Many Years of Experience do you Have in Security?

This is a very basic yet the most important question to ask. It unfolds businesses’ scope of work, horizon and the experience they hold. Isn’t it something you want to know at first?

Many known companies go for businesses with a strong online presence and a focused brand. But what they overlook is the experience they have and how it can help to keep the business and commercial space safe from thefts and burglaries.

2.  How Many Years of Experience do you Have in a Specific Industry?

Ask your potential service provider how long they have been in business. While basic security surveillance systems may share somewhat similar features and characteristics, sometimes industry requirements may come off as unique. For example, the needs of the restaurant industry many vary and if your security surveillance provider has experience in the similar industry they have you covered.

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3.  Do You Offer Customizable Security Solutions?

Specific needs may vary for each customer. Today, each customer is on the look for something unique. They want a solution that is only for them. While many security companies offer a basic security solution, some go the extra mile to serve their clients. They offer them a customizable solution that satisfies their needs. Is your business looking for one? Let us help you

4.  Which Brand Cameras and Monitors do you Use?

Like many security system providers, there are multiple known brands in the market. Each brand offers unique features and has a different price range. It is always good to ask your security solution company about the details. Share your concerns, and ask what flexibility and uniqueness does the brand offers. Know the technology, quality, video surveillance results and more. After all, you want everything sorted before you decide.

5.  Do you Offer Full Integration?

Small and medium companies prefer a single-source provider to take care of their security needs. This includes consultation, design, on-ground services, deployment, monitoring and maintenance.

6.  What’s Your Typical Response Time?

What’s your response time? This is the key question that you must ask. Whether you’re experiencing a service issue or a system failure. The key factor in selecting a surveillance solution provider is the typical response time they take to get back. Usually, commercial properties are at risk and they choose partners that can get back in no time. That is why you must know before you choose the right company.

7.  How do you Respond in Case of Emergency or Incident?

Some of the security companies inform their clients of critical issues in their systems. They also alert their clients of any potential burglar and detect security breach. Therefore, you can get to know about how each company responds and what are you looking for.

8.  What do you Offer in your Basic Security Package?

While it is understandable that for client the package pricing may vary according to their requirements. But to know what the pricing is like helps you decide better. Knowing what they offer and what charges there may be is important. Look out for hidden costs, additional charges when looking for surveillance solutions.

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