How to Secure Your Surveillance System From Hackers


IP cameras arhackere great! They are high-tech, internet-based cameras that provide a great picture and high performance.  However, having an internet-based security camera system puts you at risk for attacks by hackers. Here are some tips on how to set up road blocks for hackers before they can even try to crack your system.

  • Get rid of that default user name and password. Did you know that you can look up default passwords and other default information for most products on the internet? Just make sure it is a password unique to your system–don’t use your email password!
  • Use video encryption. This can be a bit tricky, but with a little help from a tech-saavy friend or a professional, it is a very viable option for securing your system.
  • Turn on your firewall. Make sure your firewall is enabled for your router and modem, this is another layer of protection.
  • Avoid wireless systems. Wired systems are much more secure than wireless.                                               …Until next time… Stay safe!
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