How to Hide Your Nanny Cam

Smoke Detector Nanny Cam
Smoke Detector Nanny Cam

Worried about your children’s care and want a way to check in on them without your nanny knowing? Many parents opt to use nanny cams, hidden recording devices in their homes to monitor their children and the people who look after them. If you are concerned about how to have a nanny cam in the house without it being found, here are 6 tips:

  1. Houseplants. Hide the camera in a potted plants or trees where most people wouldn’t think to look.
  2. Smoke Detectors. There are smoke detector clones that actually have hidden cameras in them. Genius!.
  3. Get a pinhole camera. They have very good quality, are extremely small, and can pretty much fit anywhere.
  4. Ceiling Fans. Works best in the winter or when you won’t be using the fan.
  5. Ballpoint Pen Cameras. The pen works, but contains a tiny camera that can capture anything that is going on.
  6. Air Fresheners. This is a place people would never look, and Air freshener cameras are genius.
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