Why Every Business Needs an Integrated Security System


Taking care of a business is delicate work. There are numerous responsibilities required to work in and manage your business well. Imagine, though, if the already difficult work of maintaining a business, especially a small business, is being challenged at every turn, with individuals threatening your success in every possible way they can.

This is not imaginary; this is true crime. Criminals will do anything they can to disrupt your business’ health and success, sometimes even damaging your workplace’s reputation.

For your defense, though, is integrated security. Combining security cameras, CCTV, alarm systems, data and file protection, and even remote management, there are numerous commercial security systems available to help you not only track criminals, but actually prevent crime. Here are our top 2 reasons every business needs an integrated security system in order to be safe and successful.

Deter Criminals or Catch Them in the Act

Smiley faceCriminals can steal from just about anyone. If you work in the retail industry, then you know how many financial losses and repercussions shoplifting costs you. However, retail businesses are not the only ones in danger of being victimized by theft. Offices can have expensive computers and databases stolen, medical and dental offices can be robbed of patients’ private health information, banks and other financial institutions can be robbed of large amounts of cash, and there are many other businesses who can be victims of theft, whether petty or in extreme amounts. Without a security system, these incidents will continue to happen with no hope of catching the criminals. With an integrated security system, you can help keep criminals out, catch them with audio and video if a theft does happen, contact police with automatic alarm systems, view camera footage off-site, and more.

Prevent Employee Theft

Smiley faceIt is important to monitor the actions of employees, who can commit time theft, or wasting time while on the clock, as well as other crimes such as product theft, giving free items away to friends (especially frequent in a bar or restaurant setting), and vandalizing property for which they are not financially responsible. The best way to manage a business is to manage employees, after all. Ensure that they take necessary precautions, follow procedure, and, most of all, do not commit crimes at work.

A commercial security system can help you in numerous other ways. While it cannot ensure your business’ financial success, we promise that integrated security can help you maintain your business and work without fear of dangerous, illegal, or unfair activity.

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